City Hall News: Winners & Losers, Nov. 4 edition

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This week saw Occupy Albany hit its stride, while its older brother in
Zuccotti Park discovered bumps in the road. The recession took a toll on
Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Halloween candy, and Democratic candidates
across the state felt the love from Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Here’s how the
rest of the week shook out for our Winners & Losers:


Sheldon Silver – The stars are aligning for the
Assembly speaker. Progressives are marshaling their forces on his side
in anticipation of a knock-down brawl with the governor over extending
the millionaire’s tax; Silver’s Iran divestment proposal got big-upped
by Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos; and his letter to Mayor Michael
Bloomberg urging a quality-of-life crackdown on the Occupy Wall Street
campsite is being treated by the administration with increasing

Letitia James – Team Tish scored a victory this week
when City Council Speaker Chris Quinn announced her support for a bill
to monitor outside contracting, something on the Brooklyn councilwoman’s
hit list since CityTime was just a little a twinkle in the Bloomberg
administration’s eye. She looks wise, fiscally and ethically, a good
trait for a politician some say has sights set on becoming the next city
comptroller or public advocate.


Tonye Iketubosin – Being arrested for sexual abuse
of fellow protesters in Zuccotti Park is bad enough, but becoming the
face of everything wrong about Occupy Wall Street is even worse. The
accused creep has given everyone from Bloomberg to the New York Post an excuse to clear out the park as a public nuisance. If Iketubosin represents the 99 percent, we’re all in trouble.

Pat Lynch – Leading a raucous rally of cops outside
the Bronx courthouse where their colleagues were charged with corruption
might have made the NYPD union head a hero to his Patrolmen’s
Benevolent Association brethren, but the rest of New York saw an ugly
display of privilege and power. That’s a bad message in good times, but
with corruption and abuse cases popping up across the five boroughs, it
resonates even worse now.

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