City Councilman Erik Dilan Says He’s “Never Seen [Voting Go] So Slow”

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It has been a slow morning in Bushwick, but the inside of Vito Lopez’s democratic club on Wyckoff Avenue is bustling.

Volunteers have been picking up signs and receiving the day’s instructions since just before the polls opened at six this morning. The electioneering routine is familiar but today presents a rare opportunity for the Brooklyn Democratic leader- a chance to knock out a 20-year rival.

The last time he had a shot to defeat a political competitor was three years ago, when his candidate, Maritza Davila, lost to Councilwoman Diana Reyna in a primary by less than 300 votes. This time, Councilman is waging a battle against Rep. in a hard-fought race.

I caught up with Dilan this morning outside Vito’s clubhouse.

“I still want your vote,” he said. (Dilan had called me and asked for my vote a month ago, since I live in the district.)

He was headed to to vote for himself.

“It’s been slow this morning, I’ve never seen it so slow,” he said, adding that he thinks turnout will pick up after work hours.

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