City Arts: You Wanted a Hit: Nile Rodgers gets literary

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As pop musicians from Keith Richards to Prodigy have published their life stories in the last few years, the timing couldn’t be better for Le Freak, the recently released autobiography of bajillion-selling guitarist/producer Nile Rodgers. Considering that his career encompasses both a stint in the Apollo Theater’s house band and compositions that have inspired countless hip-hop samples, Rodgers may well be considered the bridge between the Rolling Stones and Mobb Deep. —

Celebrity memoirs, like pop music, have certain formulae, and Rodgers dutifully details his poor and unstable 1950s childhood with a teen mother and junkie stepdad, his initial brush with musical expression and his own rock-bottom cocaine addiction, psychosis followed by rehab and recovery. But he’s as adroit and engaging within literary conventions as he is within musical ones. The greatest compliment I can pay Le Freak is to say that Rodgers writes like he plays: unpretentiously, engagingly and with the utmost concern for his audience.

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