CitiBike Implementation Potentially Delayed Over Software Glitches

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has already faced heated controversy over placement of its docking stations, and the City program hasn’t even launched yet. Delays in the implementation of CitiBike are resulting from faulty software, reported earlier this month. Now, , the company in charge of the system, is reportedly asking for $3.5 million ahead of schedule to cover the costs of system glitches. While is considering the request, it might result in the whole program being pushed back to spring of 2013, reports

CitiBank’s payments were initially intended to be given to the company over an extended period of time, pending the bikes’ circulation, but it looks like Alta might need the money slightly ahead of schedule to correct these unforeseen issues. However, the , which is overseeing the operation, told Gothamist the information was “inaccurate,” and while it would not provide details, said plans were still in motion to “launch the system.”

—Alissa Fleck

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