CB2 Chair Hoylman “Humbled” By Senator Duane Near-Endorsement

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Brad Hoylman, who is planning to run for the seat held by retiring state Sen. Tom Duane, said he was “humbled” by Duane’s encouragement of his candidacy.

In an interview on  with , Duane said he hopes Brad Hoylman runs for the seat and that he would make “a terrific state senator.”

“One of my closest friends is Brad Hoylman, and I’ve made no secret at all of my fondness for him,” Duane said. “I haven’t officially made an endorsement. I don’t know who else would be in the field. But I would be very proud to have Brad Hoylman represent me in the district I have been representing.”

Hoylman said he welcomed the incumbent’s remarks, which fell just short of an endorsement.

“I’m extremely humbled by Tom Duane’s comments about me and nothing would make me prouder than to continue his sterling legacy of being a champion for our community and those who normally don’t have a voice in the halls of government,” said Hoylman, who until recently was the senior vice president and general counsel for the . “His 14-year legislative record is really without parallel and will be a hard act to follow, but I hope I can continue Tom’s progressive, activist work. I’d be honored to have his support for my State Senate bid in the 27th District.”

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