Catering to Carnivores —in the Concourse

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Juicy… smoky… tender… salty… savory… satisfying, but ultimately indescribable. The best steak I ever tasted was in a “little spike” sandwich in Tri Tip Grill’s “Modest Meal” ($5.99), which includes a plain white roll stuffed with 2-and-a-half- to 3-ounces of steak, your choice of salad or sides and a small soda or spring water. My “red mashers” side played a superb supporting role, especially with rich gravy drizzled on top.

The meal may be modest, but this California import is anything but—when it comes to describing the steak, and what they do to make it so indescribably scrumptious. The menu commands you to LEARN

Photo by Daniel S. Burnstein

WHY THIS SANDWICH WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I like a steakhouse that stands by its beef. Tender and lean, this little-known cut of Angus beef undergoes something like steak spa treatment: “aged for 21 days,” “rubbed in a specialty marinade and craft seasoning,” “charred over roaring fire” and “finished in a wood smoker.” And I should add, “rolled in your tongue,” because you just don’t want the sensation to stop. Who would have thought you could find such a rare, complex flavor in bland Rock Center? While tourists head up to the “Top of the Rock,” I’ll be in the basement, enjoying the full 6-oz. in a Big Buck ($7.99).

—Nancy J. Brandwein

Tri Tip Grill
30 Rockefeller Plaza
Concourse Level

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