Cash for Construction Workers

Written by Josh Saul on . Posted in Posts.

The city and one of its construction unions announced a deal that will give the union $90 million to split among its 1,000 workers. The back-pay settlement will mean that every worker will be getting an average pay-off of $90,000, and the workers will also receive large hourly pay increases to equalize their wages with that of private sector workers. Construction worker Neron Banks told the Daily News, “It’s like hitting the Lotto, I’m going to Disney World for my vacation, [then] to Brazil. I’m traveling the seven seas.” The deal between City Hall and District Council 37 was first reported by the Chief-Leader, and in one month you’ll be able to read their story. (The Chief-Leader only allows subscribers access to its articles, but after four weeks anyone can peek into their archives.)

Photo courtesy of Daquella manera on Flickr