Campaign Roundup: Republicans Retain Stronghold of NY State Senate

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State Senate

Despite being out-registered 2 to 1, Republicans retain a stronghold in New York’s state Senate and a hold onto a surprising number of congressional seats.

U.S. Senate

Honoring the memory of U.S. Sen. has become a feud in the Republican primary.


More on ’s failure to attend a fundraiser.

Rangel did an interview with .

Rangel said (falsely) that no Latino elected officials support .


Simcha Felder denounced (his one-time friend) ’s congressional bid.

The Village Voice profiled OWS congressional candidate George Martinez, at length.

The head of the Brooklyn GOP is eying an Assembly run.


Sheldon Silver says he has a “special bond” with Grace Meng, but is not endorsing her.

Liz Crowley got a newspaper endorsement.


The Buffalo News called on Chris Collins to take part in a GOP primary debate.

During her first year in Congress, Rep. Kathy Hochul has often taken stances and votes independent of her Democratic colleagues.

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