Buy Your Virtual Friend A Real Drink

Written by Kari Milchman on . Posted in Lifestyle, Posts.

Here’s a totally useless business idea that could be your new best friend, especially if you have mono. Just in time for all the weekend celebrations you’re going to miss just because you’re an asshole, is launching today in New York City.

“ creates the emotional connection of buying someone a drink when you can’t be there in person,” says Steven Cohn, founder and CEO. Wait a minute, buying someone a drink creates an emotional connection? We though it was just a lame precursor to forging a physical connection later in the evening.

Of course you could just tell your friend, “Sorry I couldn’t be there, drinks on me next time!” But if for whatever reason your friend has a huge stick up his or her ass and absolutely, positively needs you to buy them a drink immediately, check out the BYFAD website to start forging whatever connection you want tonight!