Bush On Iraq: The Response

Written by John DeSio on . Posted in Politics, Posts.

We’ve gotten some reaction to the President’s
call to add more troops in Iraq

"President Bush is like a gambler who
has lost everything, but yet continues to try to salvage his fortunes by
doubling down one more time," said Bronx Congressman Jose Serrano. "The
problem is that he’s gambling with other people’s lives. There is no military
solution to the problems in Iraq-Bush
must recognize this reality."

“Like all Americans and
Western New Yorkers my patience is limited.  I want to see the Iraqis
become equal partners or they will lose their chief ally, the United States!” said upstate
Republican Congressman Tom Reynolds. “I look forward to working with my
Democrat and Republican colleagues to achieve success in Iraq
However, I will not play politics with our troops by threatening to withhold
funding for our reinforcements or cut off ammunition and supplies to our

"I stand with the generals on the ground
who are well equipped to craft an exit strategy. They say it is critical that
we begin a strategic redeployment of our troops out of Iraq
Unfortunately, after listening to the President’s speech, it is abundantly
clear that he has not heeded the advice of our generals.  In addition, he
has not set forth a definitive and articulate strategy that would allow the
Iraqi people to stand on their own and allow us to bring our courageous
soldiers home," said upstate Democrat Congressman Mike Arcuri.

"The Democrats have announced that they
will resist any reinforcements being sent into the battle zone. I will strongly
oppose any such Democratic effort to cut off troop reinforcements or re-supply
efforts into the Iraq
theater," said California Congressman and Republican presidential
candidate Duncan Hunter. "We are a nation at war. To fracture the U.S. government
at this critical time will demoralize our troops and allies, and embolden our
enemies. I support the Commander-in-Chief in this operation."