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By Alice Robb

Visitors to the colossal American Museum of Natural History will soon find it easier to navigate the past.

The museum launched the Explorer, an app that guides visitors around the 500,000-square-foot structure by generating directions to specific artifacts and exhibits, cafes, shops, restrooms and exits. It also features pre-programmed tours and treasure hunts. Visitors can also create their own customized tours. Pre-set tours include a highlights tour, a dinosaur tour and an Earth and Space tour.

“Explorer connects visitors to the Museum and its content in new ways that, we hope, will encourage a deeper connection to science and nature,” said Ellen Futter, the museum’s president

The Explorer is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Visitors—in person and online—can download the app at

Museum-goers without these technologies can borrow one of the museum’s 350 devices available for free. The app also integrates technology with social media, allowing users to share their findings via email, Facebook or Twitter.

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