Brookfield Security Company Implements Zero Tolerance Policy for OWS at Zuccotti Park

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By Alissa Fleck

Ever since encampments were ejected from last fall, security company, in conjunction with the , has drawn up a set of rules aimed at stamping out any fledgling Occupy activity. These rules are “akin to being subjected to a screening” for park patrons, reports .

Brookfield released the “Rules of Engagement” document for security guards and police officers, which has been circulating the internet, highlighting the complex and delicate situation. It even describes various rules as being “in flux.”

One excerpt from the document reminds enforcers of the “zero tolerance” policy: “NYPD supervisors that prove to be resistant to enforcing the rules of the park should be reminded that has agreed to this set of rules and wanted them to be enforced with zero tolerance.”

Gothamist reminds readers Esposito gained infamy as a past aggressor to OWS protestors, including shoving several onto a sidewalk at a demonstration. The document also outlines items which are prohibited, including drums, yoga mats and temporary kitchens.

These regulations reportedly exceed those formerly upheld by a .

If OWS-ers are prohibited from Brookfield properties, they do have other privately owned public spaces they can occupy nearby. For a full list of the Lower Manhattan locations most vulnerable to an OWS takeover click here.

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