Broken Down Franchise: Twilight Disappoints…Again

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Update: In Breaking Dawn, Part 1, Bella marries Edward, gives birth to a demon baby and Jacob stops moping long enough to “implant” with the infant. These predictable plot details are not spoilers; the itself is a spoiler. All the potential of the Twilight vampire series is squandered. Part 2 may already be in the can, but for the audience there’s no point in going further. It’s apparent from Breaking Dawn, Part 1 (sequel three) that the filmmakers gave up a long time ago when the original Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke was fired from the series.

Bill Condon, who made a mess of Dreamgirls and Kinsey, takes out the dreaminess and neuters the sex. Condon’s non-direction shows no attempt at style or visualized emotion (each bland sequence is staged to ineffectual music). Even Bella’s hideous pregnancy (she wastes to corpse-like pallor and CGI thinness) is just part of the narrative slog. Author Stephenie Meyer’s ludicrous plot is stripped of the pubescent tumescence that was Hardwicke’s specialty and gave the first film its Brontesque compulsion.

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