Sponsored Post: Help Bidawee Help Animals

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Bruno, one of Bidawee's dogs looking for a home Bideawee, an animal welfare organization that has been helping pets find homes for over a century in New York and Long Island, is struggling to recover from the damage of Hurricane Sandy. From Bidawee’s website: Despite all of the prior planning and precautions for Hurricane Sandy, we will be feeling the impact of this historical [&hellip
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Blackboard Awards: 10 Years of Honoring Education Excellence

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bba_Avenues_BessAdler This being the 10th anniversary year of the Blackboard Awards, it seems only fitting to recall the involvement of the awards’ patron saint, the legendary teacher and author Frank McCourt. You may remember that McCourt was the career high school English teacher who, in retirement, wrote the mega-bestselling memoir about his childhood in Ireland, Angela’s Ashes. [&hellip
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PHOTOS: Downtown Manhattan Crushed by Hurricane Sandy

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Cars that once sat in a parking garage on South William Street in Manhattan's Financial District float along the entrance of the garage. Gas has leaked from the cars into the flood waters. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, downtown residents are still facing flooded streets and homes, no power and a devastating recovery that will likely take weeks if not months. Reporter Amy Eley ventured into Lower Manhattan to survey the damage. We’ll be updating with more photos and reports from the neighborhood.      
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Where to Get Hurricane Relief Effort Updates

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20121103095839-A6tkGi2CQAABBlP Electricity was restored to parts of the Lower East Side and East Village on Friday, and hopefully all of Manhattan will have power soon, but relief efforts are far from over. Look to the links below for continually updated coverage on relief efforts in your area. Twitter:  @FEMA  @RedCross  @RedCrossNY  @ConEdison   FEMA.gov/Sandy  NYC.gov   RedCross.org  [&hellip
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Sandy Pulls the Plug on Village Halloween Parade

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By Sophia Rosenbaum The Village Halloween Parade, a 39-year tradition, is just another check on the list of Hurricane Sandy’s victims, which includes the destruction of much of Atlantic City, Long Island, Downtown Manhattan and the New York City mass transit system. “For the first time in our 39 year history, the Mayor’s Office of [&hellip
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Upper East Siders in Zone C Face Flooding

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By Meredith Rosenberg Homes in Zone A weren’t the only places affected by flooding at the height of Hurricane Sandy. An Upper East Side apartment building in Zone C also flooded Monday night. In the aftermath, residents of 555 East 78th Street were evacuating after about five feet of floodwater surged into the building around [&hellip
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East Side Parents Question New School Zoning Lines

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800px-Classroom As the Department of Education unveils a new school zoning plan for Midtown East, parents are scratching their heads and wondering how and why the lines have been drawn. The midtown district is undergoing a rezoning to accommodate a new zoned school, PS 281, which is currently being built on East 35th Street. The school [&hellip
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City Council Members will Recruit Volunteers to Escort Women to Abortion Clinics

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Courtesy of Choices Medical Center By Nora Bosworth “Protesters have a right to speak their minds, but the exercise of the first amendment should never intimidate anyone from accessing medical care,” said City Council Speaker Christine Quinn on Friday, at City Hall. Speaker Quinn and various Council Members, along with representatives from Planned Parenthood, the New York Civil Liberties Union, [&hellip
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High-Achieving Students Choose CUNY

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collegestudents_collegedegrees360 Staff Report High-achieving students are continuing to enroll in record levels at the City University of New York, while more students are also on track to complete their degrees, according to a preliminary Fall 2012 enrollment report. The university continues to see record enrollment of students with high school averages over 85 this fall, with [&hellip
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Longboarders to Stick it to the Man

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Photo courtesy of Matt Werner Photography by Naomi Cohen The Broadway Bomb, an annual longboard “push race” from 116th Street to the Financial District, faced a restraining order Thursday when the State Supreme Court called out its lack of parade permit. The co-founder, Ian Nichols, is relinquishing responsib ility for the race to avoid prosecution, but its Facebook page is insists [&hellip
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