Breaking News: HIV/AIDS Protesters Arrested Near Zucotti Park on World AIDS Day

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Roughly 10 people associated with a rally to support housing funding for those living with HIV/AIDS were arrested this morning at the intersection of Broadway and Park Place. Occupy Wall Street members teamed up with the rally’s organizers Housing Works, VOCAL-NY and Health GAP to celebrate World AIDS Day, while also protesting Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s recent cuts to HIV/AIDS housing and services.— While Mayor Bloomberg hosted his annual World AIDS Day breakfast uptown, a crowd of around 100 protestors ambled up Broadway chanting, “No More Budget Cuts on Our Backs,” “Bloomberg Billionaire” and “AIDS Hurts, Housing Works.” 

The marchers seemed to diverge into two sections. While a majority made their way into City Hall Park, a group of roughly 20 protesters stood at a crosswalk, stopping traffic. While cabs, buses and vehicles honked their horns, the crowd remained, eventually dispersing to reveal about 10 AIDS activists chained together, donning dark green Robin Hood-inspired tunics and caps with the words “Take It Back” written across a symbol of a bag of money.

“Keep walking, you will get arrested if you do not stay on the sidewalk,” shouted organizers of the rally to most of the crowd. The group of protesters teemed on the edge of the sidewalk where Park Place and Broadway meet.

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