Both Big Brothers are Watching!

Written by Dana Haitkin on . Posted in Posts, Technology.

Apparently, looking at the roof of your house from a satellite camera picture is just not a close-enough shot anymore. The latest competition between Google and Microsoft is The Battle of the Creepy 3-D City-View Applications. Yesterday, Microsoft launched its Live Search Maps, which give you the chance to see three-dimensional, photo-realistic views of New York City buildings and landscapes. And Google users will soon be able to see 180-degree photographs of the streets of Manhattan and pieces of the outer-boroughs.  For a year and a half, Google has used a company called Immersive Media to send drivers all over the place in Volkswagon Beetles with 11-lensed cameras on top. They captured our stomping grounds at a speed of 30 frames per second, amassing 2,000 miles of footage in NYC alone.  Google has stated its plans to update the images periodically, so don’t fret—if you left some embarrassing laundry drying on your fire escape, it will likely only be a couple of years before the pictures available to one and all on the glorious Internet are swapped for newer ones.

Photo courtesy of BitBoy on Flickr