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Although Stephanie Pinder died of unknown causes the weekend after Christmas, to some audience members at Community Board 7’s Jan. 5 full board meeting, the news of her came as a surprise.

“It’s shocking,” murmured one audience member. “She was the person we all wanted to be and never found a way.”

Board member Barbara Adler spoke of Pinder’s success in putting together a high-powered advisory committee at Lincoln Neighborhood Center, where she served as executive director.

“She was dynamic, intelligent, humble,” Adler said. “People came to her meetings because they cared about her and what she was trying to achieve. And she did achieve.”

As noted in her Jan. 7 obituary, Pinder joined the center in 1999 and worked to improve services to senior citizens. Under her tenure, the center developed its senior outreach, childcare and teen programs.

“The responsiveness of her organization was like clockwork,” said board member Mark Diller. “One could only hope that the effectiveness she brought to community organizing can be brought to civic government.”

Council Member remembered Pinder as a tireless worker.

“She was friendly,” Brewer said over the phone, the day after the remembrance. “I saw her there seven days a week. She was tough but her staff liked her.”

She paused for a moment and then, with greater emphasis, she added, “And the community loved her.”

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