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Community Board 7 will get eight new members this year, Borough President Scott Stringer announced March 30.

Of the 375 new applications Stringer’s office received, 88 were chosen for Manhattan’s 12 boards.

The board’s new appointees are Brian Byrd, Elizabeth Caputo, Robert Espier, Dalia Mahmoud, Suzanne Robotti, Haydee Rosario, Marisa Maack, Nick Prigo and Mark Darin.

Stringer has made an effort to select members with relevant expertise, and make the boards more reflective of the communities they represent.

“Our 2010 appointees… include a parent leader, an architect, a religious organization administrator and a hospital worker,” Stringer said in a statement. “These members will deal with some of the biggest issues facing our communities, from rezoning efforts that allow for responsible development and preserve affordable housing to incorporating community plans that address school overcrowding.”

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