Bloomy Is Carnegie’s Mystery Man

Written by Josh Saul on . Posted in Posts.

Mayor Bloomberg is the 44th richest man in the country, but at this rate, he won’t stay there for long. Yesterday, the Carnegie Corporation announced that “somebody” gave them $30 million to distribute among 500-plus charitable groups, but almost every paper in the city has reported that the “anonymous donor” is definitely Bloomy. Since 2002, the Mayor has donated $115 million to the Foundation, which was started by old Andrew himself in 1911 with a capital fund of $135 million. Among the groups receiving money are the Gay Men’s Health Crisis and BAM, and included for the first time is a Brooklyn needle-exchange program. Not all of Bloomberg’s donations are made anonymously; he was public about both the $15 million he gave for the WTC memorial and the $125 million he spent on a world-wide campaign against smoking. The big question lately is whether or not Hizzoner will run for president, but Bloomberg has repeatedly said that he in fact will not, instead choosing to focus on philanthropy full-time when his term as mayor ends in 2009.