Bloomberg’s Daughter Rescues 88 Puppies And A Pregnant Cat

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The Humane Society's s Ashley Mauceri, Amanda Hearst and with rescued North Carolina puppies. Photo by Kathy Milani/The

By Adam Lisberg

Her dad may be a billionaire, but mayoral daughter Georgina got her hands dirty yesterday – freeing matted and mistreated dogs from an alleged puppy mill in North Carolina.

Bloomberg was part of a Humane Society of the United States team that rescued 88 dogs and one pregnant calico cat in an all-day raid on a breeding operation whose owners are accused of letting dogs fester in their own filth without water or care.

“These animals are some of the worst we’ve seen in North Carolina,” said Kim Alboum, the group’s North Carolina director. “They’re in their feces. They’ve had nails growing into their paw pads, ear infections, eye infections.”

Bloomberg and her friend Amanda Hearst, the model and publishing heiress, spent the day working with veterinarians to examine, catalog and treat the array of French bulldogs, pugs, Pomeranians, Chihuahuas and terriers found in rural Jones County.

“They have really wanted to get into some hands-on work,” Alboum said. “We hope they will come back to North Carolina, because they were really great to work with.”

Hearst founded a charity called Friends of Finn after unknowingly buying her dog Finn from a store that relied on unscrupulous breeders. Bloomberg is better known as an equestrian and children’s book author, but helped set up a star-studded gala last year to benefit the Humane Society.

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