Bloomberg’s Baseball Quips

Written by John DeSio on . Posted in Politics, Posts.

Last night Mayor Michael Bloomberg visited Riverdale up in The Bronx for a town hall meeting. Beyond the issues, the mayor took the time to crack a few baseball-related jokes, even with the World Series having wrapped up two nights before.

For starters, Bloomberg noted that despite his Boston heritage he had not grown up a Red Sox fan. Instead, he was a Braves supporter, explaining away his allegiance as having come from attending a summer camp with Hall of Fame pitcher Warren Spahn’s daughter.

But the mayor got the biggest laughs of the night when he addressed ongoing rumors that he might seek a higher position than mayor in the near future.

"I have the greatest job in the world," said Bloomberg. "I plan to do it for another 792 odd days. I am not interested in any other position, no matter how challenging or thrilling, so the Yankees are just going to have to find a different third baseman."

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