Beware of Bikes

Written by NYPress on . Posted in Opinion West Side Spirit.

Bicycle riders do not require a license to drive their mode of transportation, therefore, are not obliged to follow any of the rules set down in the article ‘Oblivious Walkers Cause Bike Woes’ such as Obeying signs, stop lights and lanes.
To be blaming pedestrians for number of accidents that have occurred is absurd.
Have you ever tried dodging a delivery person not only not stopping for light, but cycling against traffic and sometimes on sidewalks?
Then there is problem of no lights on bicycle so at dusk & evenings the pedestrians are in more danger. Not being able to see the cyclist approaching. Speed limits are not adhered to either.
What’s a pedestrian to do now with 6,000 more bicycles on road I believe this is a serious problem for the city that must be addressed.
Helene Kirschner
Upper East Side

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