Bash Compactor: Where’s DVF?

Written by Evan Mulvihill on . Posted in Bash Compactor, Posts.

In the hustle and bustle of the city, I guess it can be hard to make an appearance at your own party. So it went when the Council of Fashion Designers of America decided to host a weekly Monday movie night at Bar Basque, enlisting CFDA prez Diane von Furstenberg to serve as HBIC of the kickoff night.

Alas, DVF was a no-show, as was designated co-host Stefano Tonchi, who edits a little ol’ fashion magazine called W. At least Tonchi had an excuse: he and gallerist partnerDavid Maupin just welcomed twins into their lives last week after quietly getting married in February in Massachusetts.

DVF’s non-presence was no matter, however, for fashion jack of all trades Jessica Lapidos. "She is the president of the CFDA and the CFDA is throwing this event, but…" Here she paused. "She’s probably just busy." But Fraulein von Furstenberg was still OK in the book of Lapidos, fashion editor for as well as a budding designer for Tilly and William. "I talked to her once," said Lapidos, towering over me in 6-inch heels and a natural-height head start. "She told me I was beautiful and I just…" At this point, words escaped her. Lit up? "That."

The party, held on Bar Basque’s outdoor terrace, featured a viewing of Pedro Almodóvar’s Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown on a 30-by-15foot screen on an adjacent building.

Spoiler alert: Verge ends with a bunch of people passing out in an apartment after ingesting barbiturate-spiked gazpacho. So, I wondered, had any of the fashionable types in attendance ever spiked, or been spiked by, a tainted concoction?

"You know, it’s always crazy things happen," said designer Yigal Azroul in an Israeli accent with charmingly foreign, if evasive, syntax. "But I’m actually really curious to see the movie because I don’t remember this one as well as the other movies." Azroul, who came alone and chatted freely with anyone who approached him, was a big hit among the ladies, especially the two clipboardclutching summer PR interns. "I’ve been staring into his eyes all night," said a particularly smitten one. "He’s so cute."

Speaking of cute, designer Nicole Miller had no spiked gazpacho experience but she did like the movie’s central motif of ’80s phone tag. "It’s sort of funny—all the stories with the girl on the phone and everything. You know, back when we didn’t have cell phones, you couldn’t reach anybody, you were checking your answering machine, you were missing phone calls. It was so funny."

And just like that, Miller jetted off to her dinner reservation—perhaps she was meeting up with DVF and Barry Diller at the Lion? I didn’t need DVF or Tonchi, for that matter, as I tended to my own twins: two Dewars on ice snagged seconds before the open bar closed.