Bash Compactor: We’re Getting Older, Too

Written by Matt Harvey on . Posted in Bash Compactor, Posts.

Stevie Nicks was running fashionably late for her CD listening party Thursday night. Each time a boldface name was marched down Greenhouse’s red
carpet, there was polite applause—and the excitement for Nicks grew. The
crowd was a mix of gay and straight, neatly dressed and not so much,
middle-aged and youngish.The only thing they seemed to have in common
was a desire to catch a glimpse of the queen of implacable West Coast
cool. Legendary gossip Michael Musto, surveying the scene
waspishly from behind his chunky glasses, explained why Nicks still
packs them in after 35 years:“The people who love Stevie Nicks really
love her, more than they love God.” His soft voice dropping to a
near-whisper, he added, “Most of them don’t even believe in God.”

the melodic guitar intro of “Landslide” echoed through the club, a hush
fell over the fans. They parted for Nicks as she walked regally to the
back of the club. Her long blond tresses falling over a black poncho
and her eyes behind tinted aviator glasses, Nicks is still the hallmark
of mellow ’70s California rock. Curled up on a couch, she spoke softly.
Referring to her never-changing vibe she said, “When you’re me, you
never change. I started off this way when I was 25 years old, and I’m
not a chameleon.” Leaning into my ear she added, “I’m a definite
hippie, but a stylish hippie.”

I gently asked her if it was
still fun to sing “Edge of Seventeen.” She replied, “I get to ride
around in limousines and stay in beautiful hotel rooms, it’s
electrifyingly fun.” But the mellow polish came off, and she couldn’t
resist giving me the score. “You want to do what I do, so I can’t see
that it would ever get old.”