Bash Compactor: Stilettos In the Grass

Written by C. Edwards on . Posted in Bash Compactor, Posts.

Every year in Prospect Park, the Junior Committee gathers
supporters for The Summer Soiree benefit party at the Audubon Center at
the Boathouse in the heart of the Park. And even this year’s threadbare
theme; “Beach Blanket Bingo,” which conjures up washed-up images of
bouncy jalopies, drive-in movie theaters and strummed ukuleles,
couldn’t keep a good party down. With barely a trace of Frankie and
Annette in sight (thankfully), an eclectic mix of Brooklynites came
together for the fun, youthful energy and an open bar. “I hear there
are a lot more fashion interns this year,” says one uncertain Park
Sloper referring to some of this year’s high profile sponsors and
supporters; Anthropologie, Bumble and Bumble and Vogue Magazine,
“They’re the only ones wearing stiletto heels on the grass.”

Brooklyn has Vogue magazine’s Sally Singer, the event co-chair,
alongside mayoral progeny Emma Bloomberg, to thank for that. She has
made it her personal responsibility to increase the attendance of
stylish partygoers more frequently seen outside The Beatrice Inn than
zipping across the river on the Q train. Fighting back the crowd of
doting flesh-pressers and insider-y air-kissers (Take that Keegan
Singh!), I asked Ms. Singer just why a woman such as herself, who is
known for taking up residence in The Chelsea Hotel, cares so much about
a public park in a borough other than her own. Because, she said,
despite her swanky Manhattan address, she and her children still visit
Prospect Park regularly. And while others get their workouts in running
through the Olmsted-and-Vaux-designed park, Singer gets hers “dragging”
fashion industry writers, stylists and emerging artists there—which
isn’t too hard; after all they’re all Brooklynites, too.