Bash Compactor: On the Prowl

Written by John Blahnik on . Posted in Bash Compactor, Posts.

"I love this hotel room." "Those windows, what an amazing place to shoot." "Is the name on this towel?" "We could just ask her." I was at the launch party for Liz Earls’ photo book Days of the Cougar, and the two freelance photographers beside me were ignoring what I thought was the picture’s focus: the giant cock inside Liz’s mouth. Looking up, they judged the line too long and flipped to the next page, a gangbang. "She really gets lighting."

Six years ago, Earls was a human resources director trapped in a loveless marriage when she realized what she actually wanted to do: fuck and photograph. She promptly got divorced and became an erotic photographer. Now having sex five to six times a day and often charging over $1,000 for a shoot, she’s achieved her version of success. And watching her sign at the back of Taschen’s underlit Soho bookstore, she looked like a guy who gets a lot.

"Men respond to women who have a lot of sex," said Earls’ editor, Dian Hanson, who sat next to Earls drinking a white wine. Blond, tan and poised mysteriously somewhere between 40 and 60, the two looked like sisters.

"Men will often contact me through my website to hook up," said Earls. "Sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t. I remember a middle-aged mechanic… his hard body. And then younger men often hit on me in bars and it can be so hard to say no."

"And why should you?" asked Rory Vandermark, Taschen’s seductive, racially ambiguous manager. She gestured for a new drink and in came a lithe little thing carrying Earls’ vodka cranberry. She looked so young you wanted to cover her ears, to take her away from these dirty, dirty women.

"I like young men because of porn," said Earls. "Never has a generation been so desensitized. It’s great. You last longer. And you’re good. I slept with a 21-yearold who was absolutely incredible and I thought, How do you know this? And then he told me. He’d been watching porn since he was 9."

At this Liz stroked my hand and Dian leaned in. "She’s not wearing panties. Buy a book. She’ll show you."