Bash Compactor: North Poles

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East Village Boys, a gay porn site based in its namesake neighborhood, held its Christmas party a bit farther uptown, at the Housing Works on West 27th Street. “I just picked the gay one,” out of the bookstore’s two locations, explained Weston Bingham, the site’s freckled and louche co-creator, adding,“A lot of the East Village Boys live in Chelsea anyway.”

is traditionally “family-friendly,” which, as anyone who’s ever watched
Fox News can tell you, means heterosexual. So gays have always done it
a little differently, Bingham said:“I don’t care about Christmas .” He
does however, have a soft spot for holiday kitsch, like elf costumes,
tinsel and stockings.

“It’s not your typical Santa and elves,” said Nathan Thomas, who
fixed up the store with decorations. “I wanted something dark and
mysterious.” Revealing a studded tongue ring, he let me know his New
Year’s resolution: “To make a lot of fucking money.”

Holiday green was also on the mind of Sebastian Liman, a
wiry East Village Boy who was swishing around in a skimpy elf costume.
Asked by a guest what went into the creation of his elf suit, Liman
looked a little confused and replied, “fucking underwear.” Snapping the
skivvies’ elastic, where several greenbacks had been placed by male
admirers, Liman asked the guest, “Are you going to give me some money
for charity or what?” Which charity? Consternation spread across
Liman’s prettyboy features. Finally, with a shrug, he shot back, “AIDS