Bash Compactor: Dark Days

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Waxing nostalgic for the good old days is as important a rite of
passage for any freshly minted New Yorker as learning the subway system
or ordering drugs. Luckily, things tend to change so fast that it’s not
absurdly out of the question to utter such thoughts just a few years
into your tenure here. (Remember those halcyon days of 2005 when you’d
stumble from Misshapes to Bar 11 to Morrissey Park? Me neither.)
Staunch Manhattanite Prince Terrence, along with cohorts Carol Sharks and Josh Wildman, are hoping to revisit those not-so-distant days with Circa, their new Thursday happening at the somewhat depreciated Darkroom.

found the subterranean bar just like I’d left it in ’06, if a bit less
crowded. Still, a decent number of kids who looked like they’d come
from over the Williamsburg Bridge were bopping along to a playlist that
included Beyoncé, New Order and Bone Thugs N’ Harmony.“I’m trying to
bring back old New York parties,” remarked the ever-leather-jacketed
Terrence. Old like the ’80s? “Like four years ago,” he clarified. “When
I moved here in ’05, there was lots of stuff going on. Places would
play early Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Rapture… I fell in love with that.
Now everyone hangs out in Brooklyn. We wanted to bring it back to the

Only feet from Terry’s DJ booth, some squares of the nouveau LES variety began gyrating in a nasty faux threesome. What of them?

“I’m welcoming,” he responded carefully. “I want them to know where this shit originated. I want my people to overpower that.”

in numerous black draperies and gold necklaces, the blond Sharks was
even more ambitious. “I hate to say it, but I wish it could be the new
Misshapes,” she chirped as she tweaked her iTunes playlist. Then, after
rattling off her credentials—membership in un-signed band White Diamonds; living in a loft; DJing for The Whitest Kids U Know— she waved me away, saying, “I think I’ve given you a lot of stuff.” Indeed.

As if on cue, DJ Dances With White Girls
appeared. What did he think of the party? “It’s doing good for a cold
night,” he replied, distractedly.“The good thing about a girl who’s
shorter than you is you can look down at her breasts while you talk to
her.”Then, turning abruptly to a curvy redhead:“What’s up? I like your

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