Bash Compactor: Crappy Days Are Here Again

Written by Matt Harvey on . Posted in Bash Compactor, Posts.

With the stock market inching upwards and talk of economic recovery in the air, Paris Hilton and her retinue made an appearance last Thursday at the opening of Bowlmor Lanes’ new nightclub Carnival, consisting
of hastily erected plywood kiosks and games like ring toss, high
striker, hoop dreams and a dunk tank. Pink cotton candy and a
fairground tent almost completed an antiseptic State Fair simulacrum.
But a platoon of large white men in black suits fanned out through the
room—knocking with their big bellies customers who came too close to
the VIPs.

Looking like a set from The Simple Life, it all
must have been very comforting for Hilton, who, before going downstairs
to bowl, lapped gamely around the set-up with her lackeys. But some of
the humans caught up in the backdrop seemed to be having a tougher time
of it.

Asked if she was having a good time, an Indian-American
woman replied, “Where, here?” Finally, she screwed up her face and
shrugged. A blonde standing nearby was in a better mood. Clutching a
large, stuffed panda, which her boyfriend had won for her playing ring
toss, she squealed, “This is fun!” When asked where the happy couple
hailed from as her boyfriend tried to net her another prize, the young
woman looked at me quizzically. “Like, originally?”

Photo courtesy of JustJared