Bash Compactor: At Fancy Fashion Party, Carlos Campos Reveals He’s Into Cougars and George Clooney

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designer Carlos Campos is known best for his well tailored men’s
suits, he also has some awesome opinions on pop culture. I ran into the stylish
Honduran – and some Project
stars – at F.I.T. Couture Council’s Fall
Fashion Cocktail soiree,
held in the elegantly appointed Cub Room of the Soho Grand Hotel.—

When asked if he was dressed to impress at such a swanky fashion event,
he told me: “
You know, I dress a lot for myself. I try to impress myself
every now and then. Today I was just at work, I really didn’t have time to go
home. But I always keep a nice jacket. And so I just said, hey, let me put this
jacket on, and I just came here.”

I brought up the recent controversy surrounding People’s selection of Bradley Cooper over Ryan Gosling as the “Sexiest Man Alive,” he admitted he’s
more of a George Clooneyman. “I
always go back to George Clooney,” he confided. “I don’t know why, I think it’s
because he’s been the sexiest man alive for forever, so I still think he’s the
sexiest man alive.”

don’t take Campos for gay – he just has a healthy appreciation for
good-looking men. He’s actually into cougars like Demi Moore. When I informed him that
she and Ashton Kutcher had finally announced their divorce, he was

kind of sad,” he lamented. “They were such a cool couple. And it worked for a
while.” He paused, and continued unprompted. “I wish I could find a cougar.”
Really? “Of course! Who wouldn’t want a cougar in their life?” A sugar momma? “I
just want a cougar. I don’t know what that means.”

Carlos’ heterosexuality, everyone knows you can’t avoid the homos at a fashion
party. As I made my way outside for a smoke, I spied a gaggle of made-for-TV
designer gays lighting up beside me, including Project Runway’s Joshua McKinley and Viktor Luna alongside The Fashion Show’s Jeffrey Williams.

told me that he, Luna, and Williams are all good friends. What about Anya, who took the crown from him and
Luna? “We talked earlier today!” he told me. Did she deserve to win? “You know,
I think she’s a good candidate for the winner position,” he said. “But I also
firmly believe that it’s not always the winners that go on to do the greatest
things. I think landing as the runner-up or second place is a really good
position to be in. But I like all different positions.” We’re taking that
little hint to mean he’s versatile in fashion and in romance.

and Luna also keep in touch with fellow contestant Olivier Green, though Luna is tighter
with him than McKinley. “You know, I like Olivier but he would always say he was
scared of me, and my eyebrows.” Writer’s note: his eyebrows are quite manicured.
“But the funniest thing is Olivier actually puts more product on his face than I
do at all.”