Bash Compactor: A Slice of Life

Written by Jamie Peck on . Posted in Bash Compactor, Posts.

The Third Annual Brooklyn Pie Contest filled Williamsburg’s K M Bar with
high drama this past Saturday, when over 50 aspiring master bakers
competed for a chance at culinary greatness. I arrived to find a cop
car canvassing the area on behalf of a girl who’d just been mugged at
gunpoint a mere block away, but, upon questioning the crowd, realized
everyone was too excited about pie to care.Yet more insanity lay inside
the watering hole, which was packed to its tin ceiling with
be-flanneled youths so ravenous for artisanal desserts I feared they
might riot.

“Once you get your pie, please move towards the door!” yelled the event’s organizer Megan Paska over the din. "I had no idea this many people would turn out," she gasped while wrangling the hordes.

at the judges’ table, three chefs bravely took in endless sugars and
fats in the name of anointing the next local pie-lebrity. "I wouldn’t
even do that pie the dignity of swallowing it," Cody Utzman of Papacitos said with a grimace as he spat someone’s gooey failure into his napkin. "It tastes like shit, try it!" chirped co-judge Diane DiMeo. Were they starting to get full yet? "No, I can eat pie," Utzman replied—a girl can dream! "I’m judging a barbecue contest after this," deadpanned judge Seamus Mullen. But
with a good 30 confections left to go, the judges’ stoic facade was
bound to crumble. "I have a tummy ache," DiMeo groaned a few minutes

many entrants were not easy to like, with monstrosities like
chocolate/peanut butter/bacon and what Utzman referred to as a "bleu
cheese sperm disaster" presenting damning evidence that Brooklyn’s
skills in the kitchen have yet to catch up with the number of its
citizens claiming to be "foodies." There, were however, a few bright
spots, like the Mexican chocolate cream pie that ultimately won, and
"The Dude," a most abiding white Russian cream pie. "The crust reminds
me of the sand on the beach in the scene when they’re scattering
Donnie’s ashes," mused Mullen.

the end, the sated packs slunk back to their caves, leaving crumbly
carcasses for someone else to collect. Winners were announced, money
was raised for Brooklyn Farmyards and a vegan won a gift pack from The Meat Hook. In the cutthroat world of homemade pastry, one must move up the food chain to survive.