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Robots in Disguise: It Must Suck to be Sarah Connor

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It must suck to be Sarah Connor.

Not only has she endured a rash of killer cyborgs from the future, she’s also saddled with knowing that her son is the only hope of mankind. Now she faces her greatest challenge yet: the jarring translation from Hollywood blockbuster to weeknight serial drama.

Fox’s Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles pretends that the third Terminator flick never happened (if only God were so merciful) and jumps the ongoing saga to present day L.A. Sarah (now played by Lena Headey instead of Linda Hamilton) is still trying to protect her 15-year-old son John (Thomas Dekker), who will someday lead the rebellion against an all-powerful computer network. Robots keep coming back in time to kill John, prompting his future self to retaliate in kind. Enter Cameron (Summer Glau), his latest cyborg bodyguard, this time packaged as a Gilmore Girl.

Most film-to-TV retreads tend to stink, but The Sarah Connor Chronicles isn’t a train wreck. The show suffers from occasionally stilted dialog and highly improbable plotting, but the trio of Sarah, John and Cameron form an intriguing TV family, made all the more watchable by weekly Buffy-styled butt-kicking. There’s also plenty of low-rent sci-fi effects, provided mainly by Cromarti (Garret Dillahunt, the yokel deputy from No Country For Old Men), a Terminator who’s been stalking the Connors since the first episode...

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