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A Vibe for Every Occasion

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WeVibe By Rachel Khona When people think of vibrators, they generally think of the Rabbit. A giant vibrating penis that single women use to get themselves off or that guys are intimidated by. But times are a changing. Vibrators now come in all shapes, sizes, and variations geared towards all different kinds of sexual stimulation. I [&hellip
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Washington Square Parks Famous “Hangman’s Elm” To Get Minor Surgery

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Various community members, CB2’s Parks Committee and a representative from the Parks Department, met last Wednesday to discuss the department’s decision to do some pruning on the popular “Hangman’s Elm” in Washington Square Park. The nearly 250-year-old tree has vast community significance: It graces the cover of the Parks Department’s publication on “great New York [&hellip
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Congressman Nadler’s Top Five “Radical Bills Against Women”

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The always outspoken Congressman Jerrold Nadler launched into a discussion on the “War on Women,” an intiative he says is being perpetrated by the GOP, last week at a Lower Manhattan Democrats meeting. The congressman, who represents the 8th congressional district in New York City, raised the crowd’s vitriol by discussing a series of bills [&hellip
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Celebrity Summer Guide

Written by NY Press on . Posted in A Trip Through the Archives, Opinion Our Town, Opinion West Side Spirit, Our Town, Our Town Downtown, Special Sections, Summer Guide, West Side Spirit

Rachel Roy and Shauna Mei Celebrate Dr. Deepak Chopra's Law of Attraction Mp3 Playbutton All interviews by Angela Barbuti Dylan Lauren, owner of Dylan’s Candy Store What’s your favorite thing about New York in the summer? The colorful flowers along Park Avenue and in Central Park and the happy vibe when seeing New Yorkers in bright candy colors on the street. What’s your favorite summertime activity? Going to the [&hellip
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Man Killed By L Train at Union Square

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According to a post by the Gothamist earlier this morning, an unidentified, 53-year-old black man was struck and killed by the L Train. The incident has been confirmed by the MTA and the NYPD. The Gothamist reports that the man was hit at the Union Square station by an 8th Ave bound train, and according [&hellip
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Two New Drugs for Melanoma

Written by NY Press on . Posted in Lifestyle

The medications are a help but don’t cure the deadliest skin cancer By Dr. Cynthia Paulis There seems be a breakthrough in treatment for melanoma patients with two drugs approved by the FDA last year, Yervoy (ipilimumab) and Zelboraf (vemurafenib). Melanoma, a skin cancer, causes death in almost 9,000 Americans annually and has had an [&hellip
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Eating Through the Nose

Written by NY Press on . Posted in Lifestyle

K-E diet, though popular with brides, has complications connected to it By Dr. Cynthia Paulis My cellphone rang the other night, and a chirpy voice wanted to know where I had been. It was the food police. After losing 40 pounds on Jenny Craig, I figured I could go it alone, so I dropped out [&hellip
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What’s Opening on the Lower East Side

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Christian Vautier Le Concept (254 Broome Street) A brand new chocolate boutique that makes it’s treats in house, and can seat twenty guests to enjoy the signature chocolates, French pastries, and coffees.  This is the eponymous Chef’s first US venture, after working as a chocolatier in France and Japan.  This is sure to be [&hellip
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The Playlist: The ultimate music for biking NYC

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By George Denison Cycling through the five boroughs is like being followed around by an amazing orchestra with a huge horn section. The noise from some intersections could knock you down. But a weekday breeze through the park can give you the closest thing to silence in this city. After riding a while, you’d be [&hellip
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