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If You’re Tired of Being Asked About Baby #2, Here Are Some Clever Responses

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blog3008nal By Aimee Daly From the moment you announce you’re expecting, rest assured you will be bombarded with unsolicited advice and often unwelcome comments about your pregnancy. These remarks will become more frequent after your little one arrives. They (whether it’s your mother, your in-laws, your friends or your neighbors) simply can’t help themselves when it [&hellip
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Seasoned NY Times Journalist Publishes a Study On “The Mama’s Boy Myth”

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‘The Mama’s Boy Myth’ makes the case for moms who like to raise their boys closer By Jessica Kobrin Bernstein When she was raising her two children, Kate Stone Lombardi—a seasoned journalist for The New York Times for more than two decades and mom to now-26-year-old Jeanie and 23-year-old Paul—was taken aback by the assumptions [&hellip
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Remembering Dad: A Mother Reflects on Her Father, The Overlooked Warrior

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blog2990nal By Debra Flashenberg Growing up, my mother was always the main caregiver. She was the one that schlepped me to Hebrew school, ballet, and voice lessons. My father, on the other hand, worked. I remember my dad’s presence mostly at dinner and on the weekends. After he came home from work, he would tuck himself [&hellip
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Designer Boutique DwellStudio Opens in Soho

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Dwell, dwell, dwell, look who has opened a flagship store in SoHo. In case you haven’t picked up on it yet–it’s DwellStudio. Founder and Creative Director Christiane Lemieux recently opened her 2,700-square-foot space on Wooster Street. And with one look, you know you’re in a well-curated design studio. Inspired by travel and design, Lemieux brings [&hellip
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