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Bash Compactor: The Truth Beneath the Stockings

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Stay at home Manhattan moms love soap operas, so it’s no surprise that the crowd that trundled to last week’s soap-star filled celebrity bartending “Stockings With Care” benefit at Bar 13 had a glut of ladies of advanced age milling about hoping to catch the glance of some chisel-cheeked All My Children hunklet. Rosalie Joseph, [&hellip
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Workdays With Maury: Stand-up Joe Mande dishes on his intern days with ‘The Maury Show’

Written by Nate Sloan on . Posted in Arts & Film, Posts

The Maury Show, like all television taped before a live, studio audience, would not exist without the thankless wheel greasing provided by its bright-eyed and delusional unpaid interns. Internships in television rarely lead to staff positions or a meaningful future, but you generally don’t come to that realization until you’ve been floundering out of college for a few years in an unrelated field. Therefore, it’s especially satisfying when former interns make proper use of their experiences by taking their stories public.

Pithy stand-up Joe Mande, co-host of the popular Rififi show “Totally JK” and the winner of the Emerging Comic Award at this year’s ECNYs, bites the hand that didn’t feed (or pay) him with a new outing at the UCB Theater called Workdays With Maury, a meditation on the time and energy he gave to help make The Maury Show the gassy shit-parade it is today. I talked to Joe about working for MoPo and learned that when life hands you unexpected results, you’ve gotta learn to make due. Sorry Maury, you are the father of this baby. And he seems a little colicky...

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