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What Happens When 40,000 Orthodox Jewish Men Take Over Citi Field?

Written by Matt Harvey on . Posted in A Trip Through the Archives, Breaking News

The orthodox community came out to protest the dangers of the internet, but a counter rally shed light on a different problem—hushed up sex abuse.   By Matt Harvey They traveled in cars and buses from far Rockland County and Lakewood, New Jersey. But mostly they took the subway from points in Brooklyn: Midwood, Crown [&hellip
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Grove Press Founder Honored at Cooper Union

Written by Matt Harvey on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

Early yesterday evening, literary professionals, academics and devoted readers poured into Cooper Union’s auditorium for what was billed as a “celebration of the life and work” of the late Barney Rosset, who died on Feb. 21, 2012. The publishing genius is widely recognized as almost single-handedly breaking the shackles which defined post-war American fiction. Here’s [&hellip
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Bash Compactor: Turbow Charged

Written by Matt Harvey on . Posted in Bash Compactor, Posts

By 11 last Tuesday night, 14 models— all draped in designer Rebecca Turbow’s neo-noir silhouettes—had been lined up in a V-shape across the stage at Don Hill’s for an hour. They stood as still as statues, their eyes glazed over. "They’re already too tired of standing up there," said Turbow, a 30-year-old Cleveland native with [&hellip
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