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Arts Brief: Plenty for Twenty

Written by Leonard Jacobs on . Posted in Posts, Theater

“It’s back!” screams the promotional material for 20 at 20, a twice-annual bargain-basement sale of tickets for more than 20 Off-Broadway shows—you can pay $20 for any seat still available at the box-office 20 minutes before the curtain rises—that runs from Sept. 2 through Sept. 14. This deep ducat discounting is a good thing, of [&hellip
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THEATER REVIEW: Whores, a Score and an Appalachian Elsinore—’Twelve Ophelias’ in the McCarren Pool

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Why did Teddy Bergman, co-founder and co-artistic director of the Woodshed Collective, situate his ambitious production of Caridad Svich’s Twelve Ophelias within the vast and creepy bowels of the McCarren Park Pool in Williamsburg?

Maybe it’s ghosts. Svich’s play, after all, is practically suffuse with them, much in the same way that Shakespeare’s original Hamlet asks the title character—and audiences—to believe that he’s acting upon his dead father’s dictates. Bergman makes a statement by plunking the play into a comparatively tiny sliver of the long-neglected hulk, which was touted as the world’s largest public pool when Robert Moses and Fiorello LaGuardia opened it in 1936. Sense, if you can, the ghosts of yesteryear’s happy kiddies...

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