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The Extraordinary Sports—and Sportspeople— of Downtown Manhattan

Written by Kevin Sheehan on . Posted in Arts & Film, Breaking News

New York is in the middle of its annual weather sweet spot. The dog days of August are behind us, the leaves haven’t started to fall yet and most urban dwellers are feeling the pull toward outdoor activities, mostly because in the back of our collective unconscious memories are the frozen days of January and [&hellip
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Ryders Alley Motorcycle Club

Written by Kevin Sheehan on . Posted in Blog

The first time I went down to the Ryders Alley motorcycle club was a Sunday afternoon in late spring. The members, who pay $200 a month to house their $20,000 weekend toys, were grilling burgers in the alley when I pulled up on my Triumph. They took a look at my bike, waved and asked [&hellip
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Boxing Out Wall Street Stresses

Written by Kevin Sheehan on . Posted in Breaking News

The thick rubber mats covering the tile floor of Trinity’s locker room slide and give a little under the weight of the athletes, most—young men in their late twenties and early thirties. The wooden stalls in the bathroom feature old boxing articles staring out from behind a protective layer of varnish, most about prominent boxers [&hellip
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