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Geek Squad: New Yorkers With Varying Motives Flood the Times Talk on ‘The Dark Knight’

Written by Joy Y. Wang on . Posted in Arts & Film, Posts

In the battle between beauty and the geek, chalk one up for the geek. They proved themselves to be the most dedicated at Tuesday’s Times Talk with Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan. The audience for the long ago sold-out discussion on The Dark Knight was comprised roughly equally of ComiCon-worthy nerds and well-dressed professional women and gays. However, with the exception of one comic-loving and intensely nervous girl, it was all male Batman diehards who lined up when the audience was invited to ask questions.

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FASHION WEEK: Max Azria yields celebrities and cheeseburger fantasies

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The walk up the steps of Bryant Park and into the tents of Fashion Week comprises one of the more glamorous moments of my year. For the few seconds it takes to wind my way through security and girls handing out Fashion Week Dailies, I can pretend like I’m Anna Wintour. Sure, the flashbulbs may not be popping for me, but I wouldn’t want to reality of fame anyway. I like my private vices to stay private, thank you.

Once inside the tent, the craze begins. People swarm everywhere, and strangers keep trying to hand me things. I alternate between calming myself with the thought that being young and attractive can get you through any New York moment, and worrying that people are judging me because my coat is from the Gap.

The Max Azria show will start at least half an hour late, a coworker tells me. Everyone in the madhouse surrounding the catwalk is startlingly stylish and hot. I immediately want to sleep with all of them. Even the photographers are mouth-watering...

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Sipping Spirits at The Campbell Apt

Written by Joy Y. Wang on . Posted in Eat & Drink, Posts

Many of us are still smarting from the aftermath of the company holiday party. The annual ritual is part sadistic torture, part fascinating sociological study. With open bars a-flowing, the whole affair takes on stupendous proportions in New York, where boozing like an 18-year-old with a recently acquired fake ID is the norm. The holiday party venue is an easy measure of a company’s financial soundness, and what better time to judge the solidity of your feed-source than just before the new year? By any measure of performance, for instance, Merrill Lynch employees should feel lucky the company’s holiday celebration wasn’t at Mars Bar.
On the other hand, it would seem that companies such as Price Waterhouse Coopers had a relatively lucrative year considering its party took place at the swank Campbell Apartment in Grand Central. The posh interiors of financier John W. Campbell’s office make for an intimate, decidedly Anglo, old-money sort of feel. The ornately painted beams running across the 20-foot high ceiling and the Persian carpets trigger a desire to curl up and listen to one of FDR’s fireside chats...

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