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Battle of the Networks: The CW

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beauty_beast By Magdalena Bunrham I’m a big defender of The CW. When people look down at it with snobbery, I’ll insist that shows like Supernatural, Gossip Girl and The L.A. Complex are genuinely good shows. Because I’ve gone out on a limb defending The CW time and time again, each year I hope it will pay [&hellip
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Flavor of the Week: The Crash of 69

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Photo by the Figbar, courtesy of Flickr Commons. By Emillio Mesa “Your punishment is that you have to spend the night with me”. At the stroke of midnight, after three hours of bar hopping and grabbing the obligatory slice of pizza, in downtown NYC, my friends decided to ditch me. Some hooked up, while others had to get up early for work. I, [&hellip
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Tapped In

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NeighborhoodChatter —Compiled by Adel Manoukian, Alissa Fleck and Paul Bisceglio Is Canal Street ‘Manhattan’s Next Great Retail Frontier’? When most New Yorkers think of Canal Street, they probably don’t think of quality retail. Melinda Miller of Winick Realty Group, however, wants to usher in a new era for the downtown commercial street. “For Canal Street, it’s [&hellip
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World Views From Every Classroom

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DrewAlexander.tiff Interview with Drew Alexander, Head of Léman Manhattan Preparatory School Drew Alexander is the Léman Manhattan head of school. He returned to the United States after serving as head of school at the Anglo-American School of Moscow and Cairo American College. Drew has also been an educational leader and teacher at Singapore American School and [&hellip
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Working Together We Can Solve Crisis

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749px-Homeless_Man By Mel Wymore According to the Department of Homeless Services (DHS), New York City’s homeless population has exploded to overwhelming proportions. This unexpected surge purportedly justifies the creation of disruptive fly-by-night shelters, including two buildings on West 95th Street scheduled to receive 200 adult families by the end of this month. Surprise, surprise … not [&hellip
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Column: Sam Parker on “Legitimate Rape” and Other Nutso Positions Held By Some GOP Members

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Rep. Todd Akin via Wiki Commons In coining the most odious and backwards catchphrase of the last half-century last  Sunday, Rep. Todd Akin not only exposed his own idiocy, but also shined a light on the festering pool of lunacy from which the modern-day Republican party drinks. The Senate candidate told a Missouri news station that the female reproductive system magically [&hellip
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