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21-Year-Old’s Rape in Hudson River Park Sparks Protest, Demands and Self-Defense Classes

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Photo by Philocrites. Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons. by Nora Bosworth A 21-year-old woman was taking in the sunrise from Hudson River Park on Saturday, when a man dragged her into the bushes and brutally raped her.  Once her attacker fled the woman ran naked and shouting to nearby policemen; soon after the police apprehended John Stewart, 25, a homeless and convicted sex [&hellip
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Leaders Unveil NYCHA Safety Concerns, Recommendations

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Photo Courtesy of minusbaby By Naomi Cohen In light of a new report revealing safety concerns of New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) tenants in the Lower East Side, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, Senator Daniel Squadron and Assemblymember Brian Kavanagh released recommendations for changes on Friday. “This is a cry for help,” said Stringer at the Seward Park [&hellip
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U.S. Census Shows Gap Between Rich and Poor New Yorkers Has Grown

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Photo by dgphilli. Courtesy of Flikr Creative Commons. by Nora Bosworth In 2009 the National Bureau of Economic Research announced that the country’s recession had formally ended; on Thursday a U.S. census showed that income inequality has risen throughout New York City, with Manhattan’s income gap mirroring that of sub-Saharan Africa. The New York Times reported that only a handful of developing countries—note, [&hellip
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Did You Know About the 800 Prisoners Held on the East River Barge?

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Photo by reivax. Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons. by Nora Bosworth Riker’s Island is well known to New Yorkers, both in lore and in the news. Yet its counterpart, a $161 million barge that houses an approximate 800 inmates, has gone largely unnoticed as it bobs on the East River. Apparently the jail at Riker’s addresses overcrowding in their main complex by holding [&hellip
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Two Taxi Plans Face Stoplights

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Photo Courtesy of Michelin Challence Bibendum By Naomi Cohen The Nissan Taxi of Tomorrow will replace all New York City yellow cabs, including hybrids, due to regulations signed by the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) Thursday. Despite Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s 2007 plan for the “largest, cleanest fleet of taxis anywhere on the planet” by mandating hybrid taxis, the Nissan NV200 Taxi [&hellip
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Biotechnology Boom?

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New York City trying to get biotech start-ups to stick around By Wilder Fleming Mayor Michael Bloomberg has pushed to diversify New York City’s major industries to include the life sciences, part of a greater drive to make the city a high-tech hub. But will projects like the Alexandria Center for Life Science and the [&hellip
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The Wonderful Dr. Oz

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800px-Dr._Oz_at_ServiceNation_2008 TV’s Most Prominent Advocate Of Health Gets Personal On The Joys Of His Career And Deep Commitment To Family By Whitney C. Harris Take the demands of a world-class cardiothoracic surgeon operating at New York-Presbyterian Hospital and teaching at Columbia University Medical School. Add to that the work of hosting a Daytime Emmy award-winning television [&hellip
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Doing the Right Thing

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FrankSerpico_MorganPehme By Morgan Pehme, City & State Editor Perhaps more than for any police officer outside of the realm of fiction, NYPD Medal of Honor winner Frank Serpico’s name is synonymous with honest cop. Rivetingly portrayed on screen by Al Pacino, Serpico is most famous for blowing the whistle on police corruption in the late ’60s [&hellip
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