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Always Controversial “Atlas Shrugged: Part 1″ to be released on DVD November 8th

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Ayn Rand’s controversial book Atlas Shrugged has been adopted by many Tea Party-ers as a manifesto of sorts due to its themes of staunch individualism, small government, and big industry. It is unsurprising, therefore, that the studio behind this latest theatrical adaptation is Fox Studios. Mildly surprising, however, was the way that Fox and the [&hellip
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Hundreds Gather in Union Square in Support of Troy Davis

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Hundreds of people gathered in Union Square last evening at 5pm in what was being called a “day of outrage” for Troy Davis. After years of stating his innocence, and a trial riddled with errors and imprecisions, the state of Georgia nevertheless executed Troy Davis on Wednesday evening at 11pm
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RECollection, volume 1: a new view on collaboration from Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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RECollection, volume 1, the first “tactile experience” from, the web-based collaborative production company founded by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, was released on Tuesday. If it’s not immediately obvious to you what a “web-based collaborative production company” is, or what a “tactile experience” is, allow me to explain. A “tactile experience” is a book, CD and [&hellip
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