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Column: Sam Parker on “Legitimate Rape” and Other Nutso Positions Held By Some GOP Members

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Rep. Todd Akin via Wiki Commons In coining the most odious and backwards catchphrase of the last half-century last  Sunday, Rep. Todd Akin not only exposed his own idiocy, but also shined a light on the festering pool of lunacy from which the modern-day Republican party drinks. The Senate candidate told a Missouri news station that the female reproductive system magically [&hellip
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Welcome a Feline Into Your Family And Provide a Home for a Devoted Companion

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Via Bideawee During the spring and summer, animal shelters and rescue groups are strained with the influx of kittens that are in need of loving homes. Nowhere is this more apparent than in New York City, where animal welfare groups like Bideawee are taking in both kittens and pregnant mothers and have been experiencing difficulty finding homes [&hellip
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Letters to the Editor

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Life in a Box To the Editor: I was extremely disappointed to see Our Town (“Could You Live Here?” Aug. 9) not just reporting, but essentially hyping, the downgrade or waiver of current zoning regulation minimums for rental apartments from 400 to 300 square feet for “micro units,” even if such a policy is endorsed [&hellip
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Jack Abramoff: The Unlikely Reformer

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JonathanSpringer6393_Abramoff Infamous former lobbyist Jack Abramoff claims to be a changed man. After making millions of dollars manipulating the system, Abramoff, who was once chairman of the College Republican National Committee and close friends with ex–House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, is now working with liberal lions like Harvard professor Lawrence Lessig and good-government groups to reform [&hellip
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Dopo Teatro East: Authentic Italian on 62nd Street

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Dining-sea bass By Amanda Woods With so many Italian eateries in New York City, it can be difficult to find an “authentic” one—offering 100 percent home-cooked food and an ambience that transports diners to Italy, if only for an hour or two. Dopo Teatro East, which opened on East 62nd Street between First and Second avenues at [&hellip
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An Act of Political Hara-Kiri

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Alan Chartock. Photo courtesy of To understand what he did and why he did it, you have to understand the realities of elections. Since about half the eligible people don’t bother to vote in presidential elections, the name of the game is to get your voters to turn out. When Romney chose Ryan he was offering a huge incentive for [&hellip
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Where Writers and Readers Live

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JonathanSpringer_LibrarySociety By Amanda Woods Beyond the winding staircases and old-fashioned elevators in the Upper East Side’s New York Society Library, countless stacks of books, ranging from historical accounts to mysteries to rare titles, have enticed authors, researchers and ordinary readers for 75 years. The library, a converted townhouse, opened on East 79th Street near Madison Avenue [&hellip
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