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Divine Compensation: Recovery and Abundance

Written by Gerry Gavin on . Posted in Arts & Film, Books

Law-of-Divine-3D-Book-cover Financial hardship is among the greatest stressors to our health that we can experience. This has been even more exacerbated by the current economic downturn that not only impacted jobs, homes, investments and retirement – it also left many people feeling anxious about their day to day lives and future prospects. We caught up with [&hellip
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Book Review: “Those We Love Most” by NYTimes Bestselling Author Lee Woodruff

Written by Gerry Gavin on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

those we love most Lee Woodruff writes like she speaks. Softly and eloquently, but with pointed urgency that comes out in all the right places, soothed over by humorous anecdotes that we all can relate to. She also has a way of being able to skillfully drift between the past and the present, showing us everything that leads up [&hellip
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