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When Behemoths Shook the Ground

Written by Don Gilbert on . Posted in Miscellaneous, Posts

1989: The Summer of Spike, Rosie punching her way out of a wet paper bag, Yee-aaahh, Baw-yeeee, and cabana suits with knee-highs and Jordans on every homeboy north of Canal St. Strange beasts, lumbering leviathans roamed the streets, dark and heavy, their ass-ends converted into reflex bass bins at Uncle Steve’s or someplace equally sinister [&hellip
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Evel Knievel, Fragile American Hero

Written by Don Gilbert on . Posted in Books, Posts

Evel Knievel, An American Hero by Ace Collins (St. Martins Press, 222 pages, $23.95) It’s difficult to believe that this book was edited, as opposed to merely spellchecked. The narrative reads like paraphrased accounts gleaned from several videotapes and magazine articles, and the few direct quotes in the book are duly credited to their secondary [&hellip
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