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Paulson Seeks Fancy Places To Eat

Written by Candice M. Giove on . Posted in Music, Posts

Severing a long-term relationship to chance a career in rock could be construed as either a completely self-indulgent move or a shrewd that's-the-way-things-go decision. Although a break-up was supposedly the impetus behind the poignant lyrics on Paulson's re-released album All at Once, lead vocalist and lyricist Logan Laflotte is extremely guarded when it comes to his words.

"It's like you have a bird or something. So you take the bird somewhere fancy. You take the bird out somewhere fancy to eat. And then you let the bird go, but if it comes back then you get to eat somewhere fancy," he sassily said.

The five-member pop punk band will talk about signing with New York-based Doghouse Records or their new music video for "Calling on You," featuring a ridiculous, hairy, human-sized tarantula. Really, though, they'd prefer to discuss the more absurd like guitarist Jesse Burton's weird inventions, an interview that almost drew tears from the eyes of a Florida reporter, or shaving their balls.

Paulson, July 27, The Knitting Factory, 74 Leonard St.; 6 p.m., $13

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The Young And The Waist-less

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The girls strutting on the runways these days look like they belong on America’s Next Top Hanger. While emaciated chic might move clothing at international fashion houses, the New York State Assembly is looking out for the unhealthy under-18 set cat-walking their way to anorexia or bulimia. Yesterday, legislators passed the "skinny models" bill, which [&hellip
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The Littlest Protester

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Since they stood at only about two-and-a-half feet tall, a handful of three-year-olds assembled in front of a Bronx congressman’s office were having a difficult time getting their construction paper leaves on their 12 foot-tall “Tree of Peace.” So, they just handed the glittery cutouts to their peacenik parents.

The May 30 protest against the war in Iraq drew a small group of moms, dads and toddlers from a classroom at Amalgamated Nursery School to the district office doorstep of Congressman Eliot Engel (D-Bronx/Westchester/Rockland). The handmade tree, crafted by 17 children during pre-school class time, was a statement against American troops remaining in Iraq, and a call to pursue peaceful paths to end all world conflicts. This gift, however, seemed more like a Trojan horse, designed to gain an invitation inside so that the children’s far-left leaning parents could rail against the war and the congressman’s initial vote in support of it.

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