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George Michael is Such a Father Figure

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After seeing his mannered performance of "Praying For Time" on American Idol this spring , my expectations were low for George Michael's current tour; a feeling that was possibly shared by a few, as it was hardly a capacity crowd for the second of a two-night stand at MSG. Then the lights dimmed, and the audience made some serious noise, an impressive decibel level they kept up for nearly three hours. The infectious energy from the singing and screaming fans, many experiencing release after waiting 17 years since his last U.S. tour, was electric enough to cause the hairs on my arm stand at attention again and again. The singer himself felt it, commenting that compared to the Monday night audience "someone has turned the power on"...

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In: Hating Margeaux Watson; Five Minutes Ago: Hating Diablo Cody; Out: Hating Jessica Shaw

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Perhaps the editors of Entertainment Weekly have been too busy working on their not-well-received re-design. How else to explain the "Writers Gone Wild!" antics going on in last week's issue: the ever inane "The Shaw Report" declaring that "H" is in, "W" is five minutes ago, and "V" is out (your guess is as good as mine); the increasingly useless Diablo Cody inexplicably schilling for Universal's Land Of The Lost, without mentioning or even better communicating why we should care about what Diablo Cody has to say about a movie that's still a year away from release, on which she didn't work; but it is Margeaux Watson who has gone wildest, railing against Hollywood for casting Charlize Theron as Will Smith's love interest in Hancock, floating absurd notions such as "imagine how refreshing Hancock would have been if Theron's heroine had been played by a black actress." Having imagined it, it doesn't seem at all refreshing – seeing Will Smith act opposite his first Caucasian love interest, on the other hand, is quite refreshing...

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