Attempt to Unionize Cablevision Technicians Fails

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The Communications Workers of America has withdrawn its attempt to represent Cablevision’s Outside Plant technicians in the Bronx in advance of the scheduled election today. The move by CWA to unionize the technicians, which is supported by Mayoral hopefuls Bill ThompsonBill de Blasio and John Liu, was apparently stymied in the face of likely defeat among the group of Cablevision workers. In today’s other planned election, Bronx Field Technicians and Audit Technicians will vote on whether they want CWA representation.


Chris Shelton, a CWA vice president for District 1, sent us the following statement:

“Through countless lies, high-pressure meetings, and underhanded tactics, Cablevision illegally created a climate of such fear and intimidation that a free and fair election was impossible. James Dolan personally came to theBronxnot once but twice to play intimidator-in-chief. We are confident that federal investigators will find Cablevision’s shameful conduct was illegal, and Cablevision workers across the region will continue their fight for justice and respect on the job.”


In yesterday’s election, the Bronx Field Technicians and Audit Technicians voted 3-1 against CWA representation.

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