ASPCA Wants Shamrock Horses

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By Max A. Goldstein

The reaffirmed its offer to find homes for 22 carriage after the city closed Shamrock Stables, on West 45th Street. The property will be used to build a new residential development and expand a nearby school. The stable owners, however, declined the offer.

“An offer was made to the Shamrock Stables, who were saying that if they were to be evicted, they didn’t know where the horses would go, but they did not accept that offer,” said Melissa Norden, chief of staff for the ASPCA. “We’re waiting for information, but as of now we’re unsure of the location of the horses.”

So far, 16 of the 22 horses were relocated to other stables in the city, according to the New York Times. The other six were trucked to the Shamrock Stables owner Ian McKeever’s farm in Pennsylvania.

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