The Long Picture Show

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‘The Flick’ could benefit from some editing In The Aliens, the last original play of Annie Baker’s to run in New York, the playwright employed what I refer to as the “gotcha moment.” At one point, a character breaks from the measured, elliptical style with which he, like all the others, have been speaking, slowly [&hellip
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God is the Bigger Auteur

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Cristian Mungiu goes for the bogus In God is the Bigger Elvis, about former movie actress Dolores Hart who gave up her Hollywood career opposite such glamorous stars as Elvis Presley, Montgomery Clift, Stephen Boyd and is now Mother Prioress at the Regina Laudis Benedictine abbey in Bethleham, Conn., director Rebecca Cammisa touches upon faith, [&hellip
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Rolling Their Own

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Maazel, two composers and others acquit themselves In an early January column, I made some recommendations for the rest of the classical music season. I said that Lorin Maazel would be conducting Don Carlo at the Metropolitan Opera. Some performances were bound to be “great,” others could be “humdrum.” You had to “pick your night [&hellip
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Doing Time in Manhattan

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New Museum_02_2013_NYC 1993_Benoit Pailley The New Museum’s 1993 show narrows the past The New Museum has put together a time capsule: a collection of dozens of works produced in New York in the year 1993. If you were a teenager in 1993, the exhibit “1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star” will probably act on you like a [&hellip
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A Hairy Situation

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Photo by Hunter Canning Nick Jones’ Clever ‘Trevor’ Brings to Life an Actor’s Nightmare I’m not sure who has it worse in Trevor, the latest Lesser America comedy to nestle into downtown’s Theater for the New City: is it Morgan Fairchild, that B-list sex kitten of yesteryear, or Trevor, the animalistic former child star whose quest to be rediscovered [&hellip
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Cold Case

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Silence Misery finds plenty of company in ‘The Silence’ The trouble with tragedy is that it is harder than one might think for it to elicit emotion from a third party. Sometimes, an audience remains at a distance despite the harrowing event befalling the characters in front of their eyes. And so it goes with The [&hellip
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Now Take Them Out, Devils: The Marriage of Music & Narrative in the Video Game Bastion

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Recently, when I’m not performing diligent research, sifting through a hard drive’s worth of mp3s, resting my chin in my hands contemplatively and having deep deep thoughts about pop songs for you lovely people, I’ve been playing a video game called  Bastion. It’s a really fun game, but more importantly, it’s a genuinely moving experience. If [&hellip
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Downtown, Then and Now with Marc Spitz

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spitz A walking tour with a music journalist brings his memoir to life If “raucous” and “intimate” can coexist adroitly, that describes the atmosphere at the release party for Marc Spitz’s new memoir Poseur, an affair tucked cozily away up a staircase at the Lower East Side’s Slipper Room. Everyone here knows each other, laughs heartily [&hellip
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Now Take Them Out, Devils: Beck Wrangles Over 160 Musicians for Maximalist Bowie Cover

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Since the release of 2008’s astoundingly mediocre Modern Guilt, Beck has all but stepped away from conventional rockstardom. He’s spent the past few years on idiosyncratic projects like the Record Club,  a collaboration with such luminaries as Annie Clark, Angus Andrews, Devendra Banhart, Thurston Moore, Jeff Tweedy, and, uh, Giovanni Ribisi. Beck assembled these Superfriends of [&hellip
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A Bachelor on Valentine’s Day

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Sean Lowe, star of ABC’s ‘The Bachelor,’ weighs in on everything from the ideal date to mistakes women make in their search for the perfect mate. By Angela Barbuti Sean Lowe will be alone this Valentine’s Day—but don’t feel bad for him just yet. The 29-year-old recently finished taping a season of ABC’s The Bachelor, [&hellip
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